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We Provide Medical Services That You Can Trust!

We Provide Medical Services That You Can Trust!

We Provide Medical Services That You Can Trust!


(President, AIMLTA)

Flat No :- 94, Block No:- 9, Near Dinkar Chouk, Rajendra Nagar,
Patna - 800016, Bihar, India
Mob No.: 9430033138


(General Secretary, AIMLTA)

Room No. 404, Block-A, Capital Tower, Fraser Road,
Patna - 800001, Bihar, India
Mob No.: 9334104757

General Secretary Message


The All India Medical Laboratory Technologists' Association's 42nd Conference and Scientific Seminar was held at Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences, Auditorium, Ranchi, Jharkhand, from November 11 to 13, 2022. The responsibility of General Secretary was handed over to me through voting by the members present from every corner of the country. After this, for the first time, I got the opportunity to address the nation as General Secretary in the Central Executive Committee meeting on May 13–14, 2023, at Hotel Patliputra, Continental, Patna.

The people of the country saw our cadre (Lab Technologists) playing the single role of first-line warriors during the COVID-19 pandemic. Which is a matter of pride for all the Lab Technologists. The mantra of Triple-T (Tracing, Testing and Treatment) given by the Government to eradicate COVID infection, Double-T (Tracking and Testing), was completely achieved by our cadres by sacrificing themselves. As a result of this, India got unexpected results.

For which India was praised on the world stage. Through some of our state units, free volunteer members have provided support to the State Governments to fight COVID.
And some State units were ready to provide other types of assistance during the pandemic, which was in accordance with the provisions contained in the Constitution of AIMLTA.

In order to put the latest technology of the country on the table abroad and to reach the latest technology abroad to the remote areas of India, in collaboration with the association of the world community, the Scientific Board must be formed at the country and State level so that scientific knowledge can be developed among the Laboratory Technologists of the country.

AIMLTA is a professional association and an "Apex Body" of Medical Lab. Technologists of India which is working hard in the best interest of Medical Lab. Technology and technologists of India. Our main object is to foster cooperation and mutual assistance among Med. Lab. Technologists for all round development of their socio-economy and academic status in Medical and Health services and proper recognition of this profession through "Statutory Body" i.e. Council for Medical Lab. Technologists. This association excludes from its programme all political and religious activities and undertake various social welfare health programme to serve the poor section of society by and large and coordinate with National and International agencies which are working in Lab. Medicine field with its "Objective-Innovative & Quality Diagnostic Health Care in the Country".



About Us

A body of Medical Laboratory Technologists came in to existence in the state of West Bengal in the year 1970-71 and developed to National Body as All India Medical Laboratory Technologists Association (AIMLTA) and registered under Societies Regitration Act XXI 1860 of New Delhi in the year 1981, bearing the Registration No S/12081. The Association has assumed national character and constituted State Chapter in almost all the state and union territory of the country. AIMLTA is the only "Apex Body" of Medical Laboratory Technologists of India which is working its best to promote Medical Laboratory Technology and the profession in the best interest of the Technologists of India.




Our Objectives

The objectives for which the Association established:

  1. To generate co-operation and mutual assistance among the members.
  2. To help all members to secure better life style both academically and sociologically.
  3. To impress upon all related organizations for proper recognition of Medical Laboratory Technologists.
  4. To raise the standard of Medical Laboratory Technology course in India.
  5. To arrange Scientific Sessions.
  6. To publish regular Journal.
  7. To improve the Scale of Pay, Service Condition, Prospect and Status of the members.
  8. To start Libraries for members.
  9. To start free Medical Laboratory Technology Council and Institute on all India basis and conduct course and examinations (condensed also) with the collaboration of standard institutions for the production of technically qualified personnel.

National Policy

Considering the back ground of Medical Laboratory Technologists problems, Career prospects and to enlistment of Medical laboratory services the, National Policy Guidelines are made.
The National Policy Draft for Medical Laboratory Technologist submitted to the Central and State government suggesting to introduce our Policy throughout India with following Headlines:

  1. Recruitment Policy.
  2. Staffing Pattern.
  3. Job Specification and Duties.
  4. Job Training Programmes.
  5. Promotional Channel.
  6. Hazard and Risks Allowances.
  7. Refresher Trainings.
  8. Rent Free Accommodation.
  9. National Institute for Medical Laboratory Tech.
  10. Sponsorship / Deputation to attend Scientific Seminars and All India Conference.
  11. Registration and Recognition of Medical Laboratory.

Our Central Officials


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