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Dr. B.N. Shukla

(Chairman, AIMLTA)

  B-2, Brij Enclave, Sunderpur, Varanashi-221005
Mob No.: 07985075809

Dr. Birendra Kumar

(Controller Of Exam, AIMLTA)

  Room No. 404, Block-A, Capital Tower, Fraser Road,
Patna - 800001, Bihar, India
Mob No.: 08340605526

The Academic Board (AB) is the academic body of AIMLTA, and subject to the authoritative rules and regulations and statues of the association shall have the power to organize paramedical study, scientific seminars, CEP and CME programme, workshops and affiliated colleges/institutions to the privileges of AB. The courses of MLT study, examinations of students, conferment of diploma certificate, and shall exercise other powers such as appointment of external examiners, observers and inspectors for providing affiliation to the institutions/colleges and perform also such other duties as may be conferred on it. This is an organization of Medical Laboratory Technologists of India from its infancy to an outstanding matured organization over the span of 54 years of existence; this is what stands with its name.

The commitment to knowledge, advancement of learning are the straight goal of AB,AIMLTA to fosters and nurtures students to develop professional skill in the field of Medical Laboratory to develop professional skill in the field of Medical Laboratory Technology, so that trained technicians not only be acquainted with automation, but acquire such a frame of mind by which they can go beyond their basic range of technical knowledge and skills in the realm of medical sciences, and endless process of innovation and advancement in Lab. Technology in health frontline and National Health Programme of the country. And by virtue of it, Academic Board is playing a pivotal role and has introduced DMLT (one year and two years) and PG-DMLT (one year) courses for students and in-service members to facilitate all-round development of the students through academic excellencies, skills, research and innovation. Every year more than 2,000 MLT trained personnel are passing out successively and 225 institutions/colleges are running under the provision of Academic Board, AIMLTA. In addition, Continuing Education Programme (CEP) for the members of the association has also been introduced by Academic Board, AIMLTA.

Dr. Shamsher Singh
Member (Academic Board)
  Mob No. 09914001144

MR. S.P. Yadav
Member (Academic Board)
  Mob No:. 09334992799

MRS. A. Jyoti Ratna
Member (Academic Board)
  Mob No:. 09482213790

MR. Mantu Nag
Member (Academic Board)
  Mob No:. 09386688977