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Establishment Of AIMLTA


Very few laboratory technologists of India realized that this particular category was very much neglected by the authorities. So they came forward and joined hands and established Indian Medical Laboratory Technologists Association in the year 1970. As the founder members realized that this association shall be part of all States and Union Territories, the name changed to "ALL INDIA MEDICAL LABORATORY TECHNOLOGISTS ASSOCIATION" with its Headquarters at New Delhi. Later the constitution of the association was introduced to see the development of the cadre.

The founder members of this association visited most of the States, Hospitals and Medical Colleges with the idea to bring all Laboratory Technologists on one platform to give strength to the Association.

The membership started increasing and more and more people started joining the association. The Central Committee constituted States units in many States with its office bearers to look after the matter of their own state under the guidance of Central committee.

The first All India Conference was organized at All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. The second at Patna and the third was at Kolkata and to hold All India Conferences every year and in different states became a continuous process which is continuing.

As the membership increased the need of formation of Council for Medical Laboratory Technologists was felt and at the same time to increase the qualifications of the in-service personal was also realized and thus immediately two Committees constituted one for Council and other for Academic Board.