Considering the back ground of Medical Laboratory Technologists problems, Career prospects and to enlistment of Medical laboratory services the, National Policy Guidelines are made.

Health being Central and State Subject and its importance is very much essential in modern sciences, this particular category not figured under technical training programmes of either governments. Eminent scientists and Health Authorities of India remarked "The Medical Laboratory Technologists is Backbone of Diagnostic Service and Research". But, repeated request from the representatives of this association, the authorities are silent and passed 13 years playing hide-and-seek game with such important category in modern science.

The National Policy Draft for Medical Laboratory Technologist submitted to the Central and State government suggesting to introduce our Policy throughout India with following Headlines:

  1. Recruitment Policy.
  2. Staffing Pattern.
  3. Job Specification and Duties.
  4. Job Training Programmes.
  5. Promotional Channel.
  6. Hazard and Risks Allowances.
  7. Refresher Trainings.
  8. Rent Free Accommodation.
  9. National Institute for Medical Laboratory Tech.
  10. Sponsorship / Deputation to attend Scientific Seminars and All India Conference.
  11. Registration and Recognition of Medical Laboratory.