Office of the Central Election Officer, Patna-7 Date : 17/01/2013


In terms of the authority vested upon me, the Article of 10 of AIMLTA Constitution as the Central Election Officer, the election notification of the association’s General Election for the year 2013-2016 has been notified vide letter No.1/2013 dated 14/01/2013.

Accordingly all the state secretaries of the association are hereby requested to prepare and submit the detail list of members of the respective state along with the membership number for prequalification verification latest by 31/03/2013. for smooth functioning of the office.

Anil Kumar Sinha


(A.N.Sinha) General Secretary, AIMLTA Date 18th to 19th March' 2012


VENUE : Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute, Main Auditorium, Kolkata-700094

All India Medical Laboratory Technologists' Association is celebrating its 38th All India Conference and Scientific Seminar from 18th to 19th March' 2011 in the premises of prestigious Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute, Main Auditorium, Kolkata and it gives me immense pleasure and privilege to present before you the General Secretary report of AIMLTA on this glorious occasion and at the same time I feel proud to organise this conference at this historic city "Kolkata" which is the birth place of our organisation.

AIMLTA is a professional association and an "Apex Body" of Medical Lab. Technologists of India which is working hard in the best interest of Medical Lab. Technology and technologists of India. Our main object is to foster cooperation and mutual assistance among Med. Lab. Technologists for all round development of their socio-economy and academic status in Medical and Health services and proper recognition of this profession through "Statutory Body" i.e. Council for Medical Lab. Technologists. This association excludes from its programme all political and religious activities and undertake various social welfare health programme to serve the poor section of society by and large and coordinate with National and International agencies which are working in Lab. Medicine field with its "Objective-Innovative & Quality Diagnostic Health Care in the Country".

Association network wing is working in all most all states of the country and it has spread up right from Kashimr to Kanya Kumari.

According to recent data available with the association the total strength of Medical Lab. Technologists in India is about 4.30 lacs (Four lacs thirty thousand) working in Govt., Semi Govt., Public and Private Sectors and association is persuading them to join this professional association for their bright future and right placement in medical profession. Up till now (from 1971 to Feb. 2012) more than 34000 (Thirty four thousand) Med. Lab. Tech. have been registered as member of the AIMLTA out of which total strength of life member including student member is 22350 (Twenty two thousand three hundred fifty) and rest have discontinued their membership. The most important development in recent days is NRI Medical Lab. Technologists attraction towards AIMLTA. Large No. of NRI and Med. Lab. Technologists working out side country are registering their name as Life member of AIMLTA such membership online registration is increasing day by day. Member from UAE, KSA, Katar, Nepal, UK, USA are seeking information for membership on our website exceeding more than 750 (Seven hundred fifty) & more than 450 (Four hundred fifty) registered which is remarkable achievement for AIMLTA. Though membership drive is progressing well even than more efforts should be made to launch organizational network in uncovered area. Hence once again I would like to emphasized to all state units of AIMLTA to start massive membership drive on war footing. Only by majority and unity we can secure right place in Medical professional's societies by developing our social technical academic and economic status. For all these prospect. AIMLTA has submitted a National Policy Draft (NPD) to the Union Ministry of Health and F.W., Govt. of India and also to different state govt. Health Ministry for maintaining uniformity with regard to recruitment promotion, pay structure, job description, hazards risk allowance, non practicing allowance, training and job oriented refresher course, opening of MLT Training Inst. at National Level and many other social and technical programmes have been placed before the govt. for consideration.

We have also placed specific demand before the Union Health Ministry, Govt. of India for change of nomenclature of Lab. Technician as Medical Lab. Technologists. States like West Bengal and Karnataka have already notified our above demand long before and also for uniform pay scale to all Med. Lab. Technologists.

Council for Medical Lab. Technologists :- The burning issue before the association was the formation of "Council for Medical Lab. Technologist's of India". After long persuasion, Medical Lab. Technology Council Bill was placed in the Lok Sabha and was sent to Rajya Sabha for finally enactment of Central Council Bill No. 96 of 2007 with the recommendation of Parliamentary standing committee amended act Allied Health Professions Central Council Act, 2007. We were expecting that council act will be implemented very soon and we were preparing for that to support the government by rendering our services for council.

But unfortunately the present Union Health Ministry, Govt. of India has now taken a different stand on "Allied Health Professions Central Council Act, 2007" and proposed NCHRH Bill 2009.

In this context, the association (AIMLTA) is of strong view that union ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India should first of all enact the Allied Health professions Central Council Act 2007 and constitute the Council for Medical Lab. Technologists and other as included and thereafter the proposed single regulatory Body for all above Council could be taken up. We are struggling since long for our genuine demand and Union Health Ministry is adopting another delaying tactics into the Council matter. A comprehensive memorandum has been submitted to Hon'ble Shri Gulab Nabi Azad, Union Health Minister, Govt. of India with a copy to the Health Secretary for kind consideration and implementation of Council Act 2007 first on priority basis.

A comprehensive memorandum has already been submitted to the union ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India, Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi - 110011 in the context of NCHRH Draft Bill, 2009 and suggestions have been put forward on various aspects of the Bill and let us hope that the Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare will take positive steps to implement the council proposal in this year 2012. On the other hand we have also complied NCHRH Bill no.-LIX of 2011 and submitted memorandum and suggestion for early action.

Medical Lab. Technologists of India strongly protest and message should go to the Union Health Ministry, Govt. of India through this All India Conference & Scientific Seminar, AIMLTA, Kolkata (W.B.).

Academic Activities of the Association : AIMLTA is dedicated and to Committed for the development of the MLT Training programme in the country and it has introduced various MLT training programme to produce skilled and technically qualified personnel in the field of Med. Lab. Technology to cope the growing demand of trained Med. Lab. Tech. in the fast growing Health Care System and National health programme of the country. Academic Board, AIMLTA is playing a key role in training programme and has introduced one year and Two years DMLT courses and PG DMLT for student members and in-service members through its recognized affiliated training institutions in indifferent states of the country and every year 800 to 1000 MLT trained personnel are passing out successfully to manage pathology labs in govt. and non-govt. organization. Apart from this short terms refresher course and CEP programme for the members of the association have also been introduced under Academic Board, AIMLTA. Under qualification expansion programme, members having one year diploma certificate in MLT has been awarded two years diploma in Med. Lab. Technology on merit basis such as proficiency exam and practical examination 2010-2011.

For Professional skill and for quality control and quality assurance, the Association is also considering the vital aspects of ACCREDITATION OF LABORATORY FUNCTIONING in India in accordance with W.H.O. programmes.

Public Private Partnership through professional Association :- Union Ministry of Health and F.W. Govt. of India has offered and invited our association considering it as professional association to start various Public Health Programme through professional association under Public Private Partnership. AIMLTA as professional association will take up Public Health programme either at National Level or at State Level only after formation of Central Council and registration of members in large number to increase the manpower of the association. Since Council Bill and its draft is coming up, the association will take up the Health Programme under this scheme.

Social and Scientific Programme : Even then, to save the poor section of society, the association has organized various Health Camps including Blood Donation Camp in different states and also organized Scientific Seminars and workshop for development of Med. Lab. Technology and to update the knowledge of Medical Lab. Technologist of India. State units have been given matching grants from central fund to organize such events in the country. Bihar, Chandigarh, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh have organise State Conference & Scientific Seminar in their respective state.

Publication of Chronicle : Chronicle is the most important and prestigious journal of the AIMLTA. Association has taken up the publication of Qr. Chronicle alongwith Annual issue at the time of A.I.C. & S.S. every year. Qr. Chronicle has been regularized and being released every Qr. in time and distributed to the members. Newly elected Editor and Editorial Board AIMLTA is working hard to ensure timely and Quality publication of Scientific Journal, but the association has to bear the cost of above Qr. Chronicle publication.

Website : AIMLTA website with Internet Broad Brand facilities has been opened for fast communication through electronic media. All information and activities of Association and Academic Board, AIMLTA are being displayed on website and also International information of IFBLS and website has been updated recently.

This facility improved the popularity of AIMLTA in India as well out side India and many NRI Med. Lab. Technologists or those working out side India are approaching us for membership of AIMLTA. Association is taking proper care and action into the matter.

International Affairs : 30th World Congress of Biomedical Laboratory Science of IFBLS will be convened from 18th to 22nd August, 2012 in Berlin, Germany. AIMLTA will be represented by the President and General Secretary in the aforesaid international conference. Other members of AIMLTA if wanted to participate in the IFBLS Conference can apply for the same.

AIMLTA Constitution Amendment Committee Report and its recommendation study decision and approve by Central Executive Committee (AIMLTA). Various amendment and insertion in AIMLTA Constitution recommendation of committee have been approved by the CEC at its meeting on 26th - 27th Sept. 2010 at IMS BHU, Varanasi was placed and approved in General Body house at Puri (Odisha) in 2011 and again placed at Kolkata GBH for finally enactment of AIMLTA newly amended constitution.

With this submission I earnestly request and appeal to the authorities, dignitaries Medical expert, professionals, and member gathering to suggest and provide valuable advice to improve towards the achievement of association's goals.

The 38th All India Conference and Scientific Seminar will indeed be a mega event for the Medical Lab. Technology and Technologists of India. Scientific deliberation during Scientific Seminar and Workshop will be thought provoking and fruitful and will hopefully open new chapter to serve the Health Care System and national health programme of the Country. Now, let me assure that this conference will provide excellent opportunity to the participants to build professional solidarity, a step forward for better tomorrow.

At last, I express my sincere thanks to all participants, who have come from different parts of the country to participate and contribute in the All India Conference. I am also thankful to those who have contributed their best specially the members of West Bengal State Unit of AIMLTA which is one of the oldest unit of the organisation has organised such a successful conference. I am also thankful to Health Authorities of State Govt. of West Bengal, Administration of Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute, Kolkata and American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP), USA for their cooperation and support to the association. I am also thankful to press, media, T.V. Channels & different manufacturing companies for their cooperation and support.

I wish all of you for peace, love, knowledge and learning.

Council for Medical Lab. Technologists of India

Letter No. : AIMLTA/GS/101/2012 Dated 28-01-2012

SUBMISSION OF MEMORANDA TO THE PARLIAMENTARY STANDING COMMITTEE ON HEALTH AND FAMILY WELFARE ON N.C.H.R.H. BILL NO.- LIX- 2011 BY "ALL INDIA MEDICAL LABORATORY TECHNOLOGISTS ASSOCIATION" Following are some most important suggestions to Hon'ble Shree Brajesh Pathak, M.P., Rajya Sabha for his consideration on the constitution of Council for Medical Laboratory Technologists of India

No.1 : There should be a separate council for Medical Laboratory Technologists of India. After the nursing & doctor's community, technologists are in very large number (millions) at national level. There have different type of duties & to perform, as compared to other minor paramedical categories. They have responsibilities to sign the reports (pathological findings) and are answerable for the accuracy of the reports, where as other have only to follow the instructions given by Doctors without their self responsible.

No.2 : There should be a single council for all undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate Med. Lab. Technologists of India, as is in case of Doctors and Nurses. The Med. Lab. Technologist" (despite of there any basic qualifications) including B.Sc. or M.Sc. in Bio-Chemistry, Micro- Biology, Molecular-Biology, Cytology and all other Lab. Medicine concern subjects.

No.3 : Council must be headed by the Professionals itself of the same faculty as per MEDICAL COUNCIL OF INDIA & NURSING COUNCIL OF INDIA. As the jurisdiction of the council is all India territory, the dignitaries for the council must be elected only from the nation level association and the democratic pattern must be followed while constituting our council. Same pattern must be followed while constituting State Branches.

No.4 : As the council is for the Lab. Professionals of entire India, only a national/state level professional association (like All India Medical Lab. Technologists Association) must be taken in to confidence while framing clauses/ laws/bylaws to protect the varies interests of the profession.

No.5 : All pre-qualified in service/in practice and retired Lab. Technologists must be treated illegible to get registration in the council and the post-qualified individuals must be considered only with required qualification as per the council's norms. This was accepted and adopted earlier when M.C.I. was constituted. All L.M.P./D.M.P.s were duly registered.

No. 6 : "Right to practise the profession"

To practice a profession is a fundamental right to every professional. It must be protected by this newly constituting council in case of Medical Lab. Technologists also.

In present technologically accredited era, most of the Pathological Investigation/ Analysis is performed on most sophisticated Computerized Analyzers.

In all most all Patho-Diagnostic Centers (Govt./ Corporate Sector) this computer generated data in derived by a well trained Lab. Technologist of the organization and forward to the Clinician.

Clinician is the authority (not the Pathologist, who are less than 1% of the national requirement & gathered mostly in urban area of the India) who finalize the diagnosis considering various important factors such as - Clinical Complaints, Radiological Reports, ECG/ Trade Meal finding & Scanning etc.

Thus in the process of Medical Lab. Technologist is the most important link, who is considered authentic to generate the reports & sign independently, by the Health Authority of State / Central/ Corporate field, & to deliver the reports to the concern Physician directly. Then the same is to be accepted statutorily to practice the profession out of organization. Due provision must be made to legalize the Lab. Practice done by Technologist's, introducing protecting laws & by laws, by the incoming Council of Med. Lab. Technologists of India.

No.7: It is also suggested and emphasized that the Rajya Sabha, Department Related Parliamentary Standing Committee on Health and Family Welfare 31st Report on Para Medical and Physiotherapy Central Council Bill 2007 presented to the Rajya Sabha on 21st October, 2008 may please be considered and taken into account while finalising the Council matter. Most important Para-Medic replaced by "Allied Health Professional and Paramedical be replaced by Allied Health Profession and the word Technician be replaced by Technologists. Hence Nomenclature "Technologists" may be used in place of technician.

No.8 : AIMLTA is the only apex body at Indian national horizon having its branch in all most all states of the country working for multidimensional betterment of med. Lab. Technologists of India and development in the Patho-diagnostic Technology. Hence AIMLTA wish to be called by the Authority (Parliamentary Standing Committee or Advisory Committee to N.C.H.R.H. or any Competent Authority Deputed by the Union Ministry for Health & Family Welfare or Human Resources) for the dialog in the better interest of our fraternity. AIMLTA is anxiously waiting for a call by appointment. Kindly allot time and date and inform our AIMLTA Head Office at Patna.

(Dr. B.N. Shukla) Chairman, AB, AIMLTA Dated 22nd - 23rd Sep.2012

One of the oldest figures of our esteemed organization AIMLTA, Mr. Harswaroop of Himachal Pradesh is departed and left the earth for ever. Though his body worn- out but the loyal thoughts of his generous soul are only accessible to us. He was not only a man of superior rank in his love for others and humanity but he was also superior in moral qualities. His moral powers attempted to lead the people of our association to higher ethical levels. He never tried to get elected position and power in AIMLTA rather helped others to achieve their desired result.

He was an irrepressible optimist. For him there was no room for pessimist and smugger. He was capable enough to make friends easily but he knew how to keep distance. He always tried to keep distance from a man of despicable nature. He was a person of genuine social passion. He used to viewed the past in light of the present and guided people for the better future of AIMLTA. It was his belief that the meetings helped us to make a way of thinking of both sides less hard inflexible. The impressions which we have received from him can not be put an end from our mind and soul.

He served our association by virtue of his selfless character till death. This was the integrity of his life. Let no breathe his great thoughts with our breathe. If we are to take any inspiration from Harswaroop's life , it is to work for unity, harmony and friendship among the members of our AIMLTA inseparably. May his soul inspire us for many years to come.

At his death we express our deep sorrow and may God gift divine peace to the departed soul in heaven. After the sad passing away of Harswaroop .

I wish to quote the line of great poet-

" Lives of great man all remind us We can makes our lives sublime And departing leave behind us Footprints on the sand of time "


Homage to Magnanimous Leader of AIMLTA R. Das Gupta

"When I am dead, my dearest Sing no sad songs for me And if thou WILT, remember And if thou wilt, forget."

The moment is changed with emotion, so I do not want to say much, but in this occasion all of us should render a grateful homage to our great leader Mr. R. Das Gupta, the most Lovable man who is no more with us. I would like to quite the verse of Carrie J. Bond – "Well this is the end of a perfect day.

Near the end of a journey too; But it leaves a thought that is big and strong With a wish that is kind and true.

I was shocked and saddened to hear of Mr. Das Gupta's death when I was in Ahmedabad.

He is no more with us. The loss is no doubt great and irrecoverable. We are deeply bereaved at the sad demise our founder of Academic Board, AIMLTA. R. Dad Gupta held the office as chairman at the dawn of Academic board, AIMLTA. A man's life is judged by the noble works he makes and not how many years he lives. He took the leading part to establish Academic Board and made the Members Conscious of the value of Medical Laboratory technicians which constitutes the spirit of our age. He gave us the idea of unity, Fraternity, fidelity, the work for Academies. We are everhelmed with grief that our helmsman is no more on the boat of AIMLTA.

He was a great courageous man and a model administrator. He was a man of various mood and challenging personality, a man of dynamic force though sometimes he used to annoyed by the irrational behavior and personal attacks of some members, but he loved us so much and served us so much. He did not expect us to adopt any inflexible attitude. He looked upon educations as the main instrument for achieving social economic and cultural change. He tried his best for the development of Academic Board by the by the principles of peaceful co-existence and co-operation. He had a tender heart and his heart was always ready to share the joys and sorrows of others. He asked us to drive away fear and hate from our minds and work lard for the association with full vigor and courage.

Once again I say the passing away of great Das Gupta makes and of a distinct historical period of AIMLTA. Undoubtedly he was an incomparable figure of our association. His life and selfless devoted and dedicated services will be remembered as ling as AIMLTA lives.

His qualities will inspires us in future and it should be our endeavor to live up to the ideals which he set before us. We communicate our feelings to the members of AIMLTA. All members of AIMLTA is in deep mourning. The members are paying a reverent tribute to late Das Gupta whose life and contributions showed an intense enthusiasm for equity, understanding, faithfulness and fraternity of the members of the association.

I myself wish to express my pang of sorrows and tribute at his death and convey my high appreciation of the valuable services he rendered to our association in a very critical period of the History of AIMLTA.

Thy soul is eternal, Immortal. The Bhagavad-Gita said (chapter ii, Shoka 23):

"Soul is living for ever Nor can fire burn it Even water can't wet it And wind dry it not ever"

Let us stand in silence and pay our homage to him.

"May god bless his soul in heaven, May god give peace to the departed soul"

AIC 2006 Date : 04th February, 2006

The forthcoming Annual AIC (All India Conference), AIMLTA, 2006 will be held on 30th April and 1st May 2006, at Bangalore, the Capital City of Karnataka.

Members of the Association are hereby informed to submit their Scientific Papers / Abstracts to be incorporated in the Special Issue of Annual Journal of Medical Laboratory Technology to be released during AIC (All India Conference).

The deadline for Scientific Papers / Abstracts submission is March 15th 2006. Entries receipt after the due date are not likely to be considered.

Special Annual Issue AIC 2006 Date : 04th February, 2006

The forth coming Annual Conference AIMLTA will be held on 30th April & 1st May 2006 at Bangalore. Short papers on the related subjects are invited from the members of the Association. The application along with Scientific Papers / Abstracts should be send in Triplicate enclosing bio-data by registered post, marked on the envelope "AIC 2006", so as to reach to the Editor, AIMLTA, Chronicle, Room No. 111, Department of Hematology, IGIMS, Sheikhpura, Patna-14, on or before 15th March 2006.

Entries received after the due date is not likely to be considered. The office of the Editor does not bear the responsibilities in case of any delay by any means.

AIMLTA Website Opening Date : 2nd october, 2012

Dear Member and Friends,

Welcome to AIMLTA Web World (

Join with us and be beneficial from AIMLTA Membership.

Wish You All The Best! Thanks.